Enjoy cooling off in the pool this summer!  Remember to watch kids in around the pool without any distractions.  Even great swimmers need supervision!

It takes lots of help to get 1,600-1,800 high school athletes in and out of the pool in two days.  Volunteers are needed to help out Friday, September 26 and Saturday, September 27. Visit www.FSPASwimMeet.com for all the details.

Busy summer for your business?  We hope so!  Be sure to budget for the remainder of the year and for repairs and updates that will be in the works for the winter months.


S is for SUNSCREEN – Don’t go outside without it

W is for WALK – Don’t run around pools I is for

INSIDE – Go in if it starts to rain or thunder

M is for MAKE sure a grownup is always with you at the pool