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Code of Ethics

Mission statement: Advancing Florida’s swimming pool industry.

In September 2023, the FSPA Board of Directors adopted a newly revised Code of Ethics that details the processes and procedures that both protect our industry and its consumers, as well as maintain accountability for FSPA members and their businesses. This Code of Ethics will better reflect FSPA’s high industry standards for the future, and ensure our members are the best of the best with the full support of their industry association behind them. By doing this, FSPA is also ensuring that consumers are receiving quality services from vetted FSPA members in good standing.

FSPA’s Code of Ethics is in place to ensure that all FSPA members abide by the following:

  • Remain in full legal compliance with state, federal, and occupational requirements as pertains to licensure, certificates, and endorsements
  • Follow all applicable building codes, standards, ordinances, and permitting requirements in every contracted project
  • Maintain diligence and consistency in communications with clients, FSPA members, FSPA staff, and other applicable parties
  • Be subject to FSPA’s now standardized complaint procedural process should the situation arise

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